Unpredictable and Mysterious (Aiden/Scorpio) [UNFINISHED]

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Unpredictable and Mysterious (Aiden/Scorpio) [UNFINISHED]

Post by Calypso on Tue Nov 08, 2016 7:29 pm


Name: Aiden
Nickname: Aid, Aidy

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

Star signs/Constellations/Stars: Scorpio

Crush: N/A

Appearance: Aiden is quiet short compared to her big personality and does not take kindly to being judge about it. Aiden looks much younger then she actually is, and even appears to be a young mortal. She has extremely long light brown hair that reaches to her waist. Aiden also has a set of matching light brown eyes that are almost the same exact shade as her hair.

Personality:  Aiden can often be described as mysterious, though that may also be because she isn't very social. Aiden has great self-control and can usually hold herself back from anything. Aiden is also very cautious and guarded, scared to reveal too much of herself to complete strangers. She's also very emotion, and this can cause her to react irrationally in most situations. Despite all of this, Aiden can be very understanding, and is always willing to listen to others when she needs to, the only thing she asks for in return is compassion. Aiden is very outspoken and always answers questions honesty and is known to be very straightforward, so if you don't value hearing the truth, Aiden is not someone you want to be near.

Likes: Winning & Challenges, the truth, Loyalty to her.
Dislikes: Losing, Being Betrayed, Being flattered, Being teased about her height.
Fears: Being unaware of her surroundings, Being blackmailed by her insecurities, Being rejected.


Face Claim:
Toradora - Aisaka Taiga

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